Google AdSense



Where there are publishers, there are ads. The best, most established, less intrusive ads? Google Adsense. Without it, many websites we know and love would have never existed. 


In 2017, however,  the brand was at a crossroads. Having been there for a while made it feel slightly dated in the age of mobile and native; and dealing with ads also meant dealing with the real issues: brand safety and spam.


The thing is: the product was there. All it needed was a little nudge – an invite to be discovered again. And that’s where we came in.


Mission Statement



We started with a warm, funny film thanking publishers for being part of Adsense – 2018 New Year’s video. It challenged traditionally utilitarian content of the channel, reminding publishers of the supportive role Adsense plays, but also restated Adsense commitment to users.


The video shot to top 10 in the most viewed videos in the channel, with a like ratio of 18:1. More importantly, this advert reset the brand’s tone. 


15 Years of Adsense





To celebrate 15 years of Adsense, we released a more abstract video based on 15 things Adsense team members had learnt throughout the year.




Our aim was to rebuild trust between the advertisers and publishers. Over the course of two years, we’ve created 3 animated films. We kept positioning and TOV, keeping the style which created continuity and allowed us to now build product messages in. 

The results of our work were encouraging. The 15 year anniversary video received 25K views and 720 comments on YouTube just 2 months after the release.

The Clients Say...





“House of Greenland is one of the best agencies I have ever worked with… Our final videos looked phenomenal, and brought actual personality to a B2B product – no easy feat.”




It’s not all about brand – AdSense, at its heart, is a business product. To help educate publishers we’ve created a series of infographics and self-education material. We’ve focused on steps that should be taken to boost and optimize website traffic as well as specific steps publishers could take to make the most out of ads during the holiday season.

Smart, Automated Ads




It became key to highlight Adsense’s lead in all things ‘up-to-tech’ and the importance of adoption of newest features. So we focused on smart tools, autoads – smart guys which save time for publishers through making advertising decisions on their behalf.