Google: Digital Garage

Digital Garage




Over the past three years, Digital Garage has allowed House of Greenland to bring Google to the forefront of providing digital skills to communities all around the world. Google felt that everyone should benefit from readily available technology, so that’s why they came to us to spread the word!


Through animation, film and branding we kickstarted Digital Garage!

Our Journey




3 years on and we’ve trained over 10 million people, reached 48 countries and translated into 28 languages.


We were lucky to have the opportunity to work across brand, strategy, the campaign and everything else! Seeing the project from the very beginning into an ongoing world which we have crafted alongside Google.


The Results



Digital Garage’s identity had to be universal due to its global reach. We held an ethos of “Informative, fun and engaging”, establishing a formula for content that was approachable in both it’s language and visual style. 


Initially brought in to support the project, we grew to influence the entire project and help  evolve the project with a full rebrand.  Welp, we even helped with web design and creating the illustrative style.


In short: We formed a cohesive identity for all of Digital Garage’s projects.

Campaign Launch




Due to our brilliant and strategic mindset, we knew we already had the organic reach, but to benefit the right people, YOU have to go and find them! 


We utilised both digital and physical ads to target those in need of a change in career! Crafting a multi-channel campaign from TV, to Instagram, to the sides of buses and beyond! We put Digital Garage front of mind for those who needed it.

Brand & Content





What started in Europe now spans the globe.

We developed digital skills videos for Google: Africa, which followed the perspectives of several professionals and how they utilise Google to boost productivity and further their careers.