Google My Business

HoG x Google



Google My Business (GMB) allows businesses to connect with customers and to be found easily throughout the web. 


Google presented us with one major challenge: People know the tools are out there, but don’t know just how easy it is to get started.


In 2018 we worked on a successful video for GMB, from this success, we created a new launch film released early 2019, which took the tone of a much more energetic and upbeat film.


Anthem Film




Within the world of Google, it’s important to create something that can be enjoyed by all. We wanted this product launch to be both modern and universal. Unlike other software launches, we adopted Google’s upbeat and on-trend tech launches for the Google Pixel. With a tight deadline, we brought the concept to life in just a matter of weeks.

Behind the scenes!





The film was shot in 3 days, with all scenes located in East London (and conveniently only 20 minutes from the office!). The film was directed by Tom Wakeling and animation was lead by Jonathan Lindgren.


Previous Projects





6 months earlier, we began our GMB journey with the launch of the mobile app. This story-based product walk through was shot in one of the highest rated businesses they had in London. With now over 2 million views, it was this project that helped us land and re-imagine the relaunch.