Red Bull: Levels





Red Bull tasked House of Greenland with capturing the energy, dedication and craft of the gaming world.


To do so, we focused our attention to indie-developers to bring the stories of 6 of the most innovative and unique developers to life.


01: Studio MDHR



1000’s of hand drawn frames, hours of perseverance and a tremendous risk – MDHR is the studio that could. The acclaimed creators of ‘Cuphead’ were a perfect fit for Red Bull’s ethos, which synergised with the dynamic and fast-paced story-telling of House of Greenland.


On top of that, the Moldenhauers were the loveliest people. We were even lucky enough to be cooked for by Maja’s mother … twice.


02: Cloud Imperium


House of Greenland gained access behind the scenes to the world’s most anticipated game. In this episode we dive head first into the world of Cloud Imperium, and their ambitious project, Star Citizen. Lead by Chris Roberts, the highest crowdfunded video game of all time is 8 years overdue – with eager fans breathing down their necks on an hourly basis. 


Filming at the CitizenCon event meant witnessing the furore surrounding Star Citizen in its thousands. Oh, and the entrance to Cloud Imperium’s HQ was the door of a spaceship – in case you were wondering.


03: Panache




This is the epic journey of renowned game designer Patrice Désilets, responsible for the lionised Assassin’s Creed franchise. After his somewhat unpleasant departure from Ubisoft, Patrice is on-track to rival AAA studios with his new studio Panache – an incredibly friendly and generous team of 35 based in Montreal. Their hard work will defy industry expectations, as we see their first title ‘Ancestors’ brought to life. 


04: 22Cans



The Godfather of the god game unveils his latest creation, ‘Legacy’. Centred around memories of his father’s workshop, Peter Molyneux returns to his roots – setting the scene for an emotional episode in which he discusses promises and a mantra to never disappoint. A work-ethic 35 years in the making to keep on going in the face of adversity. 


Set in Guildford, the crew were keen to explore its fine dining options. However, we ended up in the same place 3 nights on the bounce. Shout-out to Carlo’s Trattoria!


05: UsTwo




A small team of mobile developers who took home two BAFTA’s and numerous other awards. The team at UsTwo open the conversation to finding inspiration in unlikely places and the empowerment of female figures in the gaming world.


06: Motion Twin


One theme that resonates throughout Levels is risk. Motion Twin, took an incredible plunge in their leap from mobile to console and were met with widespread acclaim. Their journey into a familiar, yet unknown world re-ignited their passion for games development, proving that drive and ambition are at the core of the craft.





Now we’re not saying it was anything to do with us but a week after the shoot, their game ‘Dead Cells won the 2018 Game Award for Best Action Game. Coincidence?