Samsung Knox

Samsung at work


When you think of some of the world’s biggest, most innovative tech companies, Samsung is one of the first that springs to mind. So when a company like Samsung wants your help launching one of their newest products – it was a no-brainer if we’re honest.


Introducing – Samsung Knox! Encrypted software for your devices with the Samsung seal of quality and performance! 


We helped the launch of the product from strategy, to affiliation from businesses within the UK and Europe and of course, the film to your left and the main film below. Glorious.


Samsung Knox



The project, shot in London, was created in collaboration with Samsung Courrier and Samsung US. Lead by the handsome main actor – codename Gary the Beard (seriously, one sexy beard) – the film discusses the features and benefits Knox can bring to people, all in the space of a commute. The project was launched globally, and various assets were created to assist this. We indicated the necessity of cyber-security for medium-to-large business through a call to action to implement Samsung Knox.


Samsung UK


As Content Strategy experts, Samsung came to us once again, in order to create film that allowed them to market products towards specific audiences.


We promoted Samsung’s VR through racing championships, creating immersive film shot in Brands Hatch for the Ford F4 Final. 


We focused on Small Business Heroes and how Samsung’s products can further entrepreneurial spirit with Seven Brothers brewery and Koru Kids. 


And of course, looking at how technology from Samsung can be beneficial in hospitals and care homes.