Tate Shots


After the success of States of Matter, Tate Modern and Bloomberg Philanthropies invited House of Greenland to collaborate on two projects for their popular series ‘Tate Shots’.


Within these short films we explored Phillippe Parreno’s: Anywhen, which challenges the audiences perception of time and space through the use of immersive video, lighting and sound.


We also focus on the unsettling, mercurial and unpredictable world of performance art

Philippe Parreno




Philippe Parreno is a French avant-garde artist who came to prominence in the 1990s and is perhaps most widely known for his feature film Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait. And in some strange French football twist of fate, we accidentally met Eric Cantona on set while shooting some additional B-roll. He definitely didn’t make any of us nervous or starstruck. Anyway, back to the project.


"Go with the Vortex"




We wanted to capture the obscure, mind boggling world of Anywhen throughout the ‘Tate Shots’ episode. House of Greenland would show the space changing and transforming before the eyes of it’s audience. We captured the installations ability to stimulate the audience through the corregraphy of lighting, acoustics and film.


Performance Art




Performance at Tate: Into the Space of Art is an exploration of the ever-changing concepts of art and how artists respond to the possibilities offered by museums. The project is compiled of archive footage that documents the richness and depth of The Tate’s relationship to performance art for over half a century.




“This partnership with House of Greenland is exactly the kind of innovative project I want to share with Tate’s audiences. Technical nous and creative thinking at the fore, inspired by the new Tate Modern.”


– Susan Doyon, Head of Content (Special Projects) at Tate.