Google Ads

Google Business

Google’s business arm has been a client of ours since the

beginning. In that time, we’ve worked on a number of big projects with them. Here’s a small slice of those.



Google Ads Global

Google Ads were launching their new global platform – Adsense – and wanted to show it off to businesses in a way that made the product look simple and appealing.



We asked ourselves:

How do you launch a product that people know is already around, and convince people to take another look?



So then…

We created a series of simple content films that showcased the benefit. Each bespoke, with their own look and feel, showcasing how the new Google Ads platform worked, its benefits and how it was benefiting clients.

How’d it go?

Superbly! This was an excellent example of finding the right shoe that fits the foot. Google Business didn’t need extravagant branded content – this project required simplicity. And it delivered the results they were after.

Google Publisher Products (Formerly Doubleclick)


We asked ourselves…

It was the same product, but it had different tiers of business, different audiences and completely different countries. We knew a one size fits all wouldn’t work – so what should we do?



We didn’t try to paint every business with the same brush. We created a series of bespoke case films for regions around the world – EMEA / APAC / US. Each film was treated as its own project, tailored to a target audience, with aspirational and high value stories aimed at C-level buy-in, to animated and short-snippets aimed at managers and publishers.

Google B2B - APAC

Google Business-to-Business Australia recognised that a lot of businesses were having wastage with their ad targeting. They’d set it up, but then leave it.

We asked ourselves…

How can we get businesses to relook at their ad targeting?


We created the campaign “Rediscover your audience”, designed to show the benefits of businesses using Google’s tools to help them find new customers. The films focused on the simplicity of Google’s offering, and how their algorithms were complicated, but that helping your business was simple.

How it go?

No idea.