States of Matter

TATE Modern



TATE Modern had just completed an extension of its famous gallery and wanted a way to show it off beyond the traditional means.

We asked ourselves...

How do you create a TATE Modern video experience about the new extension opening while avoiding making it a clichéd puff piece?


We collaborated with the Icelandic avant-rock band Sigur Rós and digital agency Phantom to create States of Matter, an interactive video experience exploring the past, present and future of Tate Modern.

We created an interactive, multi-layered video experience – Liquid, Solid, Air and Plasma. These four ‘states’ mirrored the past, present, changing and future of Tate Modern, with reference to the history of the Bankside power station that hosts it.


We developed the entire concept collaboratively with Sigur Rós and Tate, in order to make sure each stem of the track would explore a specific theme within the overarching concepts of States of Matter.

The Liquid track would observe a living fluid in the Drum – a new section in Tate Modern’s extension. The Solid track would use archive footage showing off the extension.


The Air track would follow mysterious workers and a box in the extension’s upper floors. The Plasma track would explore the shell of the extension through modified drone footage.

How it worked out

The project was a commercial and cultural success and garnered thousands in earned media from the likes of publications such as Pitchfork, NME, Nowness and It’s Nice That.