While preparing for what is sure to be another rejection – an audition for the role of a politician on a popular TV series remake – struggling actor Darren is called back to his rural hometown to care for his sick father. Once there, events conspire and he finds himself running for a seat in the House of Assembly, facing off against the entire spectrum of Tasmanian politicians. Only one problem: his future constituents don’t know it’s all an act…



Meet Séb and Lucien – approaching their thirties, they’ve achieved nothing. Out of the blue, they decide to spend their summer following a popular pilgrimage route. Three days in and they’ve blown all their money, lost their bags and gotten blisters all over. ‘Into the Mild’ is a contemplative, bittersweet and deadpan series that explores the disappointment of unfulfilled expectations.



Like they do every year, the “Freak Pack” are getting together for a weekend of debauchery. Only this year, when they arrive to their mountain chalet, they find their friend Henry…dead. What happened? Who did it? Who’s next ? Was it the creep with the limp? Or that stalker-ish neighbour? The local police? The army? The NSA? Werewolves? Zombies?!



Madison was brash, loud, rich, successful, and happy in love. She’s still brash, loud, and rich. She just needs to get a job and find a new hunk to get over her mother-humping A of an ex-fiance who walked out on her.  Being in a wheelchair won’t stop her, so if you’re going slow, you better get out of her way.



Based on a popularly irreverent blog and series of books, this series provides an accurate and entertainingly vulgar account of all the bits of History that have been erased or gone overlooked in textbooks. Through animated segments, these anecdotes will surprise you with crude, shocking and fun facts about our collective histories.