When a bold and ambitious MI5 rookie agent discovers a dastardly plot to kill the heir to the throne of Britain, he finds himself recruited by the Prince’s three closest friends – and unofficial guards. Their code name: the Musketeers. This adaptation of Dumas’ classic sees the story transplanted to contemporary London. While the monarchy is undergoing a crisis of identity,


Karen works in witness protection, helping murderers blend in for the greater good of society.

Her team has a perfect record and no one’s identity has ever been discovered.

But when a high-profile mafia accountant murders his wife and then turns snitch, Karen’s efficiency will be tested.

Now everyone’s out for revenge.


15-year-old Francis is not the most popular kid at school. British born and Vietnamese, she is very normal, just a little awkward. Sometimes. She’s not disliked, she’s just never around. She leaves at lunchtime three times a week and never catches the bus home, no one really knows why.

The truth is she works for her dad (Mum left a long long time ago), couriering packages around Hackney, one ounce at a time. She thinks they’re candles and is told to treat each package with care a


Alfie & Jim are 17. Alfie is outgoing, loud and popular. Jim is everything Alfie is not: timid, awkward, hesitant. But with Alfie, he feels more confident, even though he gets treated like a lackey. One day, seeking entertainment in their sleepy seaside village, Alfie convinces Jim to go sailing, despite the rough weather and Jim’s total lack of experience. The weather intensifies, and a stray boom forever changes ev


The mine is due for closure. The community is being torn apart. In this microcosm of Trump’s America, allegiances are chosen, between the mine and its owners, local and state politicians, and even family members.

Far-right forces are now at play as the battle between collectivism and individualism rages on.