Who are the stunt performers, actors and directors who operate in the shadows? What pushes someone to put their body, and sometimes their life, on the line? These incredible men and women literally jump through fire for Quentin, take punches for Keanu and hang out with Uma but no one even knows their names. Until now…



Only a tiny fraction of teens make the cut to become a professional footballer. So what happens to the boys who have sacrificed their youth to chase their dreams – only to have it ripped away from them? Introducing the West Ham Second Chance Academy, a place that offers these boys a lifeline, allowing them to still play football whilst preparing them for reality. Meet the students and the staff who are trying to create a new dream, away from the cutthroat industry that is professional football.



After a life of fighting for what they believe in, this inspirational generation need a place to call home. Meet the fabulous people of the LGBT retirement community – where happiness rests above all else.



As the world becomes more connected and globalisation spreads, cultures and their rites become tourist attractions. Communities dilute. Traditions get tamed, or even eradicated. But not all of them. Throughout the world, centuries-old brutal, primal, bonding rites still cement communities with no regard for the outside world. Some of them right on our doorstep.

These series will uncover the unique traditions that have not been forgotten, and how they make their communities special.



Whether you fear them, adore them or even worship them – there’s no denying that snakes are one of our planet’s most mysterious creatures. Take a trip with our hosts as they visit a variety of cultures, exploring the unique relationships each have with snakes, and go face to fang with the native snakes themselves.