One night, the Earth abruptly stops spinning. Millions die. England is plunged into darkness. A fringe dictatorship rises from the ashes, taking advantage of a desperate population. Others rebel, and together they will establish the foundations of a new society below the surface. The resistance is born. In a pub.



Pont-Saint-Esprit is a nerve-racking,  surrealist series inspired by the true story of the 1951 “Night of the Apocalypse” that saw a town that was still recovering from the effects of WWII hit by something inexplicable – and become synonymous for mass hysteria.

Too crazy to be a coincidence. Too violent to be anecdotal. Some say it was something in the bread…



Many swear they remember Nelson Mandela dying in prison, decades ago… Well, they’re wrong. But they’re not alone. Some people know the real truth: this is the proof that parallel universes exist and, not only that, but that we unknowingly travel through them.

What if some people were more perceptive of subtle changes between worlds? What if some people were able to navigate between universes at will, for nefarious purposes? What if the only reason Jacob keeps switching existences is so that he can kill his wife, again and again?



1764, Gévaudan, France. The area is attacked by a mysterious beast. The population is terrified. Dozens die before a hunter kills it – end of story. Or is it? Creatures, gods, beasts – call them what you want. One family has been looking after them for centuries.  But now, in 2019, urbanisation is encroaching on the forest, threatening to expose their secret. This can’t end well.