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From book adaptations to internal ideas, our projects run the gamut. We’re genre agnostic, but we love a compelling narrative. We strive to tell subversive and off-kilter stories not often told in traditional media.

Always tongue-in-cheek, always looking at different angles, fact or fiction, House of Greenland Studios seeks to tell stories that will both challenge and entertain our audience.

All for One
Scripted series

“A modern adaptation of the Three Musketeers”

When a bold and ambitious MI5 rookie agent discovers a Machiavellian plot to overthrow the British democracy, he finds himself recruited by the Prince’s three closest friends and unofficial bodyguards : The Musketeers. 

Together they will try to protect the Prince and the country from a sinister conspiracy.

Grey pride
Factual Series

“Age is a number. Pride is forever”

Meet the badass revolutionaries who rioted, protested, and created the pride parades we march in every year.

Today, in their golden years, most of them are experiencing isolation and, in 2020, LGBTQ+ care homes are still not a thing...

Let’s shake that up

Into the Mild
Feature film

“Pilgrims without a cause”

Two proud young men decide to spend their summer following a popular pilgrimage route.

It’s raining, they have blisters, they can’t find the footpath, and are too stubborn to go back home.

It’s been 3 days.